The Black Angel (1994)


Durée : 1h39 mins
Format : Mkv
Taille du Film : 22 Go
Qualité : Bluray Remux
Voix : Français
Sous-titre : Anglais

Catégorie :


Titre : The Black Angel

Synopsis : Stephane, the wife of an older, prominent magistrate, coldbloodedly shoots a male visitor in her upscale home, then claims she was defending herself against a rapist. Victim turns out to be Wadek Aslanian, a gangster who's viewed as a modern-day Robin Hood. Paul, the lawyer hired by Stephane's husband, learns more than he really cares to know about his client, thanks to a series of anonymous letters. The notes provide a road map through the sordid areas of Stephane's past, allowing Paul to discover her history as an ex-prostitute, a porno movie performer -- and a frequent cohort of Aslanian. Naturally, Stephane's husband knows nothing about her past. Just as naturally , nothing that Paul discovers keeps him from falling in love with this mysterious woman.

Informations sur la sortie : 1994-11-11

Note : 5.6/10


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