La Petite Apocalypse (1993)


Taille du Film : 29.7 Go

Format : Iso
Qualité : Full HD
Durée : 110 mn

Audio ─────── French ─┬─ DTS-HD MA ─── 2.0 ─── 2088K
│ └─ DTS core ──── 2.0 ─── 1509K

└─ Subtitles ─── French

Catégorie :


Titre : The Little Apocalypse

Synopsis : In this cynical comedy, an renowned, out-of-work, unpublished “underground” writer from formerly Communist Poland is driven to unusually desperate measures in order to get his work published. Stan has been living in the attic apartment of his ex-wife’s home, which he shares with a journalist friend. One day, he has an accident which convinces his ex-wife and her current husband that he's suicidal, and they hastily contact a media representative to see if some sort of publicity can't be arranged so that Stan’s work can be published and they can benefit, if not from the money, then from their association with him. The organization they contact says that they will be happy to publish his writings, if he will commit suicide live, on television, in St. Peter’s square, while the Pope is delivering an address.

Informations sur la sortie : 1993-02-10

Note : 5.2/10


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