À Genoux Django (1968)


Format : Mkv
Durée : 1h40 mins
Qualité : Bluray Remux
Voix : Français – Italien
Sous-titre : Français – Anglais

Taille du Film : 19.6 Go

Catégorie :


Titre : Black Jack

Synopsis : Black Jack Murphy (Robert Woods) is the brains in an outfit of outlaws who rob the bank at Tusca City. All goes to plan with the heist but once the loot is safely obtained Jack's men lose no time in trying to double cross him. Wily Jack manages to outfox them at first and gets away with the cash but they soon catch up with him again and not only make off with the money but leave him crippled and carrying multiple causes for wanting revenge. This need for amends possesses Jack with an all consuming passion and he sets out to get even with each of his unfaithful former compadres but has his particular sights set on Indian Joe (Mimmo Palmara) and Sanchez (Rik Battaglia) who abused and killed his beloved sister. Source: SWDB www.spaghetti-western.net

Informations sur la sortie : 1968-10-24

Note : 6.5/10


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